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Medical and Wellness Center in Miami

Vidamax Medical Center is one of the best medical providers in South Florida serving all adult patients since 2012.

Our goal is to provide the best primary care, chronic disease management, referrals, preventive medicine, as well as medical aesthetics, and wellbeing services to all adults in the Miami Area.

We believe in a comprehensive attention, and the importance of having a healthy body, and mind. That’s why we are certified practitioners of Biote, the revolutionary Youth pellet that is scientifically proven to help you age healthier, and live happier. Counting with 3 locations, Vidamax Medical Center highly trained board-certified physicians and nurses will take care of you and your loved ones with personalized attention, no matter your financial/insurance situation.

In our centers, our staff is excited to see you and guide you through all your questions.

Welcome to our family,

Vidamax Medical Center Staff